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My daughter wanted to dress up her hamster in dolly clothes, I told her that wasn’t really going to work…but if we cut holes in a box and make some of those seaside type pictures you stick your head through, only hamster sized, perhaps we could make him look like he dressed up!

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Sin locura, no hay felicidad! Feliz Domingo raza ajuuaa! #estilosucio #porlanoche





if you can do this to me and get away with it while holding a dinner conversation then we’re getting married.

this is like … one of my things… to do this to a girl… oomf.. its so hot

I love to do this

bae 💖


B A N D A C O M P A S 😍 😘 👍




"It’s just a prank, calm down!"

When did harassing women become a prank? You can clearly see that this girl is trying to laugh it off even though she’s uncomfortable with it, and that is not okay. If I’m a feminazi for pointing this out, then so be it, I’m not going to tolerate this shit.

And also, what the fuck is wrong with his hair

He would’ve gotten decked if that was me

Niggas got no respect


Somewhere on planet earth

Right now

At this moment



Riding dick

Shout out to the them

I’m just tryna earn a little heart emoji next to my name in ya phone shawty

Might seem like I give a fuck but nah

"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly.”
— Unknown (via hplyrikz)